Healthy Gums and Teeth

To keep your teeth and gums healthy takes more than regular brushing, flossing and mouth wash. Even regular check-up appointments with your dentist are not a guarantee for a healthy smile.

Tooth decay and gum disease are a common occurrence often due to unhealthy eating and just like the rest of your body it requires healthy nutrition with ample vitamins and minerals. When it comes to oral health sugars and acids in foods and drinks are the most damaging substances to tooth enamel, causing cavities and periodontal disease.

Green, leafy vegetables are a reliable source of nutrients, rich in calcium and folic acid and provide a variety of important nutrients for strong teeth. Vitamin D (fish oil) for calcium absorption and Phosphorus, found in eggs, fish, lean meat and dairy products, is great for building and maintaining strong teeth. Vitamin C to reduce inflammation – without C, gums become more sensitive and susceptible to bacteria causing periodontal disease.