Dieting and Muscle Loss

dreamstime_m_34471783During and after weight loss the body fights back. Losing weight is not a natural process and it perceives that there is a shortage of food and switches to starvation mode.

This triggers a slowing down of your metabolism to conserve energy and encourages fat storage by increasing hunger and irresistible cravings for carbs, sugar and fats.

Repeated dieting attempts add more pounds with every cycle and the very act of weight loss – weight gain and the temporary restriction of certain foods and food groups or portions will only increase its appeal, which in turn will lead to over-eating and more weight gain.

Frequent dieting is not the solution. The greater the muscle loss during the weight loss period, the more fat a person will gain once normal eating habits are resumed. This can also account for an increase in soft body mass and cellulite.

There is no simple solution, but it is important to maintain muscle mass by eating an adequate amount of protein and to balance food intake with energy demand.