Making Choices

dreamstime_m_49091298Every day, every minute we make choices. Choices about immediate actions, planning the next step or the future. These choices can have far reaching effects and can be responsible to change the rest of your life and that of future generations.

We make decisions and choices in split seconds to keep us safe and secure. Choices to react to our surroundings and to others in what we consider an appropriate manner.

Some of the everyday simple choices include what food to eat, what clothes to wear and our overall image we present to the rest of the world.

When faced with simple options, and one being advantages over the other, the choices are clear and immediate and are just part of every day’s routine. We are usually satisfied with the outcome and move on to the next issue.

With more choices, it becomes harder to decide since the consequences are more severe and may have far reaching implications. The more important decisions often allow us to work through the details and we can evaluate the pros and cons and the consequences our choices may present.

Many people procrastinate or make no decision at all, leaving it up to chance and if the outcome is unsatisfactory they blame it on everything else except their own inability to make decisions. Hoping for the best is not a good option and luck should only play a small part in the outcome. A decision well thought out and executed is giving you confidence and satisfaction.