The Hidden Causes of Weight Gain

dreamstime_m_37662822Have you recently stepped on the scale and noticed a weight gain of a few pounds? You are certain that you haven’t made any changes to your lifestyle and you have not been eating more than usual.

Unintended weight gain is always a concern and while too much food and too little exercise account for most weigh
gains, there are other conditions that can contribute to the extra pounds.Weight is affected by calorie intake, activity level, overall health, age, gender, hormones, lifestyle, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, medications and stress.

We know obesity rates have been climbing steadily and according to research about 70 percent of adults are now overweight or obese. More people are spending hours on computers, social media and hours in front of televisions.

Even household chores such as cooking, cleaning, lawn maintenance and the likes have evolved to require minimum effort.  Automatic appliances are more efficient and reliable in providing everyday comforts without the need for human energy.

To stay healthy, slim and fit requires eating real food, maintaining an active lifestyle and some discipline to resist the processed and nutritionally depleted substitutes.